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Made with love, by real people, just for your business.



Made from the highest quality parts, our product will last.



Custom labeling and heat shrink options available to track assets.

Go Green

Go Green

Our cables and packaging lead in many green initiatives.

Who We Are

Formed as the result of BurstAV, our parent company, receiving many requests for custom built cables. Founded started as BAVCustom, Concert Cables has become a product that many are requesting due to the high levels of construction, durability, and excellent price point.

We provide your company the power to empower.

All of our cables use major name-brand manufactuers as the source of our wire and connectors. We do not settle for the second best. Have questions about what is better suited to your needs? Contact Us! We will help point you in the right direction. Wire gauge, wire type, connector type, and many more factors are important to consider when ordering the cables your business needs.

Cable Types

  • Power Cables (120V, 240V)
  • Audio Cables (XLR, TRS, RCA, Mini, TT)
  • Video Cables (Analogue, HD-SDI)
  • Data Cables (EtherCon, DMX Cable)

Common Brands

  • Neutrik
  • Belden
  • Canare
  • Mogami

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